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Thu Jul 14 7:45 am  #1

The UK's New Prime Minister

Theresa May- Maidenhead -New Prime Minister.
So the first of the new or renewed party leaders is now known. Maidenhead is a town I know well. Theresa took a keen interest in Athletics and was a member of the Maidenhead Athletics Club at Braywick. I believe she still takes an interest in their activities. No more than a sprint away from the athletics is the Maidenhead Conservative Club in York Road. I visited the club on a number of occasions many years ago. This was in my s...nooker playing days for the Slough Community Centre and we played the Maidenhead Conservative Club in the Slough and District Snooker League. It was always a great night both during and after the matches. Most times my opponent was a gentleman called David Gray who sported a large handlebar moustache. He was a super guy who wisecracked through the game and made me laugh. Always good hospitality and plenty to drink. I remember our well oiled team of four squeezing in to an old A35 car for the journey back to Slough.
I spent time at Maidenhead College on a City and Guilds course as an apprentice.
Theresa May has a tough job clearing up the mess the country is now in; not a job many would want. If nothing else she is honest; she came out squeeky clean from the expenses scandal. Indeed she was the person the Tories put up to speak for them when it blew up. Out of interest on the Labour side Angela Eagle and John Mc Donnell were squeeky clean; the latter deemed one of the most honest. Jeremy Corbyn's expenses were higher being in an inner London seat but no skeletons in the cupboard.
When I have visited Maidenhead over the past few years I notice the town is looking a bit 'tired'. Skindles the posh hotel by the River Bridge was closed and a number of shops boarded up. Perhaps Theresa May will try and restore the fortunes of the town as well as the country in these challenging times.


Fri Jun 9 9:04 pm  #2

Re: The UK's New Prime Minister

Well I was certainly surprised by the election results. A few weeks back the Tories had leads of 20% plus. They finished up with just a 2 % lead and lost their majority. They now have to rely on the Northern Irelands 10 DUP members to prop them up.
In all the years I have seen elections the Conservatives general election performance was the worst I can recall. Labours in contrast was probably the best of all time and it attracted in the young voters. If the campaign had lasted one more week they would probably have had a majority. A feature of the election was that the two big parties obtained over 80% of the votes. So it is a return to the 1950's/1960's era.
The Scottish Nationalists were expected to lose ground but probably lost more than they would have wished. With the two main parties returning to the fray it will be interesting to see if they will now nosedive.
For Theresa May is was a complete disaster and her days as PM are surely numbered.
One of the most remarkable elections I have ever seen.David Posts: 704Joined: Sat Jun 25, 2011 2:02 pm


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