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Sun Nov 9 3:19 pm  #26

Re: New Book

An update on the book 'A Time in Govan'. Firstly apologies that the book has not yet come out in Kindle via Amazon. The reason for this is the conversion programmes available to convert my Publisher file into something that is easily recognised by Kindle. The initial conversions came out very poorly. This has meant I have to convert the entire book into Word and then upload to Kindle. An added problem is that we have become busy with work. However all being well it should be up within around another three weeks. All proceeds from the book since day one will be given to the Preshal Trust.

A couple of extracts one from the story the other from the football section.
The first day at Govan High arrives for Derek and virtually all of his class from Drumoyne. The weather is poor and heavy rain beats down on the pupils heading for the Langlands Road School. Derek has a new uniform and with the new arrivals is asked to stand outside in the courtyard of the reddish brick building. The other older pupils go straight in to the school.
At exactly 9 o’clock Mr.Greig comes out to read which class the new intake are to go to. The names are called out then ‘Derek Wilson—Class 1B’. Class 1 B has Mr.Cuthbertson as form teacher on the upper floor of the school. Derek felt like a ‘droont rat’ as the rain which had gathered on his hair started running off down his collar and further down into his shirt.
‘ What a day said Mr.Cuthbertson and welcome to Govan Senior Secondary School’.
The name change of the school is a bit puzzling to most but everyone still thinks it is Govan High. Here is your timetable.
Every day seemed to have double sessions of Maths (Algebra, Geometry and Arithmetic), Miss Marshall will be your teacher. Every day will have double sessions of English (Language and Literature) several teachers names are read out.
Double French lessons (twice a week)—Miss Hoy.
Double Science lessons (Chemistry and Physics)- Mr.Maurice Hyman.
The other single lessons are read out and the much awaited music teacher.
Music—Mr.Mather. Someone at the back of the class whispered ’Gee Whiz’.
Sports, Art, History and Geography.
As the last announcement is made the bell rings and it is time to go to the playgrounds with the rest of the school. A return to Mr.Cuthbertson’s class is made and the school rules and notices are read out.

The most popular teams in all of the Glasgow area football played in the YMCA Senior League.Deaf Athletic made many friends with their attitude and sportsmanship. They celebrated every goal they scored as if it was a Cup Final goal.

In the 2nd Round of the Scottish Secondary Schools Shield, Govan High went down at Pirrie Park 2-1 to Bathgate St.Mary’s. Bellahouston, the holders, went out 3-0 to Bathgate Academy. St. Gerrard’s were left to keep the Govan flag flying after a comprehensive 8-2 win over Hamilton Academy.

The final pool of under 15 players arrived for trials at Nether Pollok. Just one Govan player, Alex Ferguson of Govan High, made it through the trials for the match against Edinburgh. The match at Cathkin Park saw Glasgow easy winners by 3-0 with midfielder Ferguson doing well.

Govan High were doing well at the above age group and represented by:
Hendry, Bickerstaff, Barratt, McDonald, Robertson, Ferguson, Littleson, Whitelaw, Turnball, Mc Lean and Forbes.


Sun Nov 9 7:15 pm  #27

Re: New Book

Hi David, I am nearly finished with your book and I must say a great read, even though I found it hard at times but that's my fault as I don't read books much because I can't seem to find the time. I'm up to page 188 and it reminded me of the match between Rangers and Real Madrid. The Rangers Vs Real Madrid European Cup of 1963 at Ibrox park.

I still have the match program of it. I guess I saved it because my Dad gave me it, (he didn't give me much) and later told me about the match as he was there at Ibrox. I know Rangers lost but they should have won as they played their hearts out.

Rangers V Real Madrid European cup 1963 Ibrox park

I also remember the Match between Rangers and Red Star Batislava where the Gers won 4 goals to 3 and then the return match in  Batislava which was a 1-1 draw. Rangers winning with a 5-4 aggragrate.

It would be great if you could get your book out on Kindle. I'm sure it would be a success.
Hope you had a dood weekend my friend?
Bye for now. smiley

P.S. A couple of the Rangers Squad many moons ago!

Haste ye back.
             Jimmy. (

Mon Nov 10 9:36 pm  #28

Re: New Book

Thank you Jimmy for your kind comments and pleased you havew enjoyed the book to date. I tend to read books when I am on holiday. With work and grandchildren I find it difficult to find time to get going with books a bit like yourself. Some great footage of Ibrox Park in yester-year and I noticed the invalid cars around the perimeter. I imagine many of these people would have sustained injuries in the two world wars.  Never see them around these days.,
I think Real Madrid won 6-0 in Madrid against Rangers so the match at Ibrox was probably a formality.


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Sun Jun 21 9:03 am  #29

Re: New Book

A Time in Govan is now not such a new book having been published for over a year now. Firstly thank you to those who have purchased it.  The book after a lengthy time is now available on Kindle. The delay was caused by sheer lack of time and also problems with the Conversion files provided to change the book from Hard Copy to Kindle. We have been told by Amazon that they hope to have it available tomorrow so fingers crossed.
A year on the book has received many favaourable reviews and a couple of not so favaourable. All opinions positive and negative are valid but I hope those that read it enjoy it.
The book is termed Contemporary Fiction; a look at Govan during the 1950's and early 1960's.. Around 80% of the book is fact based on personal recollection and newspapers from the time. A Time in Govan took almost 3 years to write with much research into probably one of the most important periods in Govan's history. The history of the three major shipyards are traced and the demise of one of them during the period is covered. The role of the Scottish Secondary in his lack of help to the yards provides an insight and undermined the efforts for business by Sir William Lithgow and the very skilled labour forceDrumoyne School and Govan High School provided the writer with a good educational base. However an unpleasnat aspect was the frequent use of the strap and this issue at the time is covered. The two enterprising Golspie Street pawnbrokers Abe and John have proved to be popular. My own time in Govan saw periods in the West at Drumoyne, at Bellahouston after Govan High was burned down and the Govan Central by joining the 164th BB.
Govanites loved Politics and fitba. The football scene was vibrant with Rangers, Benburb and St.Anthony's enjoying good support and some success. Bens and Ants were able to produce good players in abundance and Rangers reached a European Cup Winners Cup Final at Ibrox. Countless ither teams are covered from Primary Schools to Amateurs playing at the 50 pitches and Plantation Park.
All proceeds from the book; both Hardback and Kindle will be donated to the Preshal Trust.

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Fri Mar 11 9:48 am  #30

Re: New Book

An update on the book as we approach the two year point since it was published.
Thank you to all who have purchased the book to date I am very grateful. All proceeds go to the Preshal Trust a South Glasgow based charity.
So far hundreds of pounds have been provided to this excellent cause.

I am pleased to say we now have managed to release the book on Kindle. The price is £6.64 and is available from Amazon Kindle.

The Hard Copy version has been reduced in price to £13 from Amazon.
The book has attracted much favourable comment for which I am grateful. I noticed yesterday a review on Glasgow Guide from a gentleman from Inverness called Doug. That was kind of him and much appreciated.

'Just finished reading a fascinating book called "A Time in Govan" The book is split into two parts. The second part deals with football clubs and competition results and other info for Govan and the wider areas of Glasgow, this part of the book was far too detailed for me to even start on. However the first part of the book was much more interesting. Basically it takes family life in Govan from the early 1950's to the very early 1960's from the standpoint of a couple families and individuals living in Govan and Drumoyne (where I was brought up). It details the post war hardships and deals with the great shipyards from the boom years to their decline. Politics too is well discussed, both local and national, as is the violence which was prevalent in the area and how it was dealt with by the police and courts. The book also tells of the period of the great migration of people, especially those with engineering skills, to foreign lands and nearer to home England, where they hoped to better their lives

The first part of the book is 279 pages (of quite small print) so it's a fair old read but most enjoyable to those who know the area and can recognise street name and local places

I'm just about to start a new book on the history of the Gorbals, hope it's as interesting.'.


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