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Mon Jul 21 3:19 pm  #1

Tram Crash on Govan Road 1954

Tram prang that drew the crowds

GOVANITES were agog when this tram jumped the tracks in Govan Road, Linthouse, in 1954 and almost went careering through the front window of the local City Bakeries. This was long before the days of drive-through restaurants and, besides, I don't think Glasgow Corporation tram drivers were ever allowed to eat or drink on the job.

Such was the safety record of the 'caurs' that such incidents were a rarity, and always drew a crowd. This trolleyed tram was soon surrounded by rubberneckers, and not all of them children. Most of the people in the photo are adults, with many of the men wearing gaberdine macs and felt hats. You don't see those styles in today's Govan.Once the tow vehicle arrived, you can bet the driver had some explaining to do back at the depot.

This was one that happened in Whiteinch at
around much the same time I guess?

Haste ye back.
             Jimmy. (

Thu Jul 24 8:35 pm  #2

Re: Tram Crash on Govan Road 1954

Great couple of pictures Jimmy. The safety record of the tramcars may have been good at one stage but in the years running up to their withdrawal it became very poor bordering on downright dangerous. Several people were killed in tramcar incidents in Glasgow. Tramcars provided great memories and I remember going out from Craigton Road on the No.7 to Hoggansfield Loch over Stepps way.


Tue Aug 5 3:52 pm  #3

Re: Tram Crash on Govan Road 1954

The Music is: Bell Book & Candle from Charmed:
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