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Sat Jul 26 3:01 pm  #16

Re: Tommy Douglas

Hi Jimmy,
Thank you for offer. Your skills in these directions are much better than my own. I will sort through more stuff on Tommy and e-mail them over to you. I feel certain you will be able to sort them out into a better order rather than my effort over 3 Facebook pages. Still not really got the hang of Facebook but I am getting there 9I think!0.
I am not involved with the Bens anymore. I will help them with one off's like the last match at Tinto Park and of course Tommy's passing. They have a number of nice people at the club and hopefully the new ground will allow more people to get involved.

Many Thanks,



Sun Jul 27 8:44 am  #17

Re: Tommy Douglas

That would be great David but don't put yourself down mate you do a great job on Facebook. It' not the easiest site to manipulate. It takes some time to work out how to do everything on it. At least you put more of an effort into letting people know about Tommy than they did at Benburb F.C.

And what about the Dennis Donnely match? They got beat 7 - 0 that's a bitter pill to take. There were many excuses said about the 7-0 defeat by Ardrossan and about the heavy rain, (they should have used an aqualung and flippers rather than football boots. They said they were five first team players short and the 2nd choice Goalkeeper had to play up front for the second half. Still, 7-0 is an embarrassing defeat to say the least.

Haste ye back.
             Jimmy. (

Sun Jul 27 11:00 am  #18

Re: Tommy Douglas

Hi Jimmy,

Thanks for that.  Three years ago we tried to put in a big effort on behalf of Dennis Donnelly.
This effort is on behalf of a man who gave 60 years to the Bens and was a tremendous ambassador for the club and Govan in general. 
Genial, friendly and kind. However those that seen Tommy in his latter years and not knowing him would hardly appreciate what a good footballer he was. It is fitting that this acknowledged by the most famous football personality in the country. He was also honoured by the Scottish Junior Football Association after completing 50 years at the club. Mr.Tom Johnstone the SJFA President came to Tinto Park to present Tommy with a momento.

Thanks again Jimmy,


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