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Thu Jan 23 7:39 pm  #11

Re: New Book

I have been told that the book will be published on Friday 28th February 2014. a few minor points on the cover and approvals are to be sorted out. It will be available through Amazon and a number of well known book outlets.

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Sun Mar 2 2:09 pm  #12

Re: New Book

Well. My book was scheduled to be published on 28th February 2014. Due to a delay between the printers and the distributers the launch date has gone back 2 to 3 weeks.
I can give a few details. The book is called 'A Time in Govan' and has already been registered with the appropriate ISBN number.
The book has a large number of pages (600) and is divided into two. The first part is a story of Govan in the post war period to 1963. It is about fictional characters and families but covering virtually all the true events in Govan from politics, schools, shipyards.
The second part is about football covering the sport from all levels; playground to World Cup Finals but with a definite Govan theme throughout. The cover is red and black in colour (Govan High) . The book research took two and a half years and uncovers much of Govan during this pivotal period in its history.
The cost is £17 and it will be available from Amazon and countless other book outlets. Hopefully I will be able to provide a photo of the book cover in the next few days.

Good auld Govan !!


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Sun Mar 2 8:23 pm  #13

Re: New Book

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Mon Mar 10 10:29 pm  #14

Re: New Book

The book 'A Time in Govan' will be available from Friday 21st March 2014
The booksellers below should have them available for sale.
600 pages with two sections. A story and the second section is football in Govan at all levels.
Cost £17.


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Sun Mar 16 3:19 am  #15

Re: New Book

Hi David and all you other Govanites out there. This book is a must for any Govanite to read and go back in time to their own childhood in Govan. Great Stuff and a real good read too.

Well done David and thanks for the mention in your book. Very kind of you. Anyway, here is the direct Link to purchase a copy of Davids book.

LINKS for A Time in Govan

Book Description

The first part of the story is set in Govan as a young boy grows up during the post war era ending in late 1963. Many of the issue's which affected Govan during this period are described, from social events and court appearances to politics and murders. The author draws on many of his experiences including his fractured family upbringing and schooling. Strong themes are the demise of the Burgh in terms of employment with the loss of many shipyard jobs and the enormous spirit of togetherness by Govan people despite obvious religious, social and political differences. In the second part the author recounts stories from the world of football with a bias towards Govan players and teams, from the playground to the World Cup Final.

Haste ye back.
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