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Fri Jul 22 3:25 pm  #6

Re: A wee picture I did today

Many thanks for that Jimmy. Now I'm homesick! I need a Govan fix. My sister and I went a trip down memory lane last summer and visited the street and around Govan - the library, Watson's bakery (bought some round pies!) Hill's Trust school etc. They have built new flats in the space that used to be the Post Office (where there are wooden fences in your pictures above.) I remember the archway well, it took you to the back of the PI.  Our close stood where the three cars are parked in the bird's eye view photo. The Pearce Institute celebrated its centenary around 2007 and as part of the celebrations they had a display of old photos which Govanites and ex-Govanites had sent in. They also published a book of memories which we contributed to and an article, with some of the photos, was published in the Evening Times. It seems that Norie, who is in charge, is doing a great job at bringing the PI back to life.


Sun Feb 19 2:09 am  #7

Re: A wee picture I did today

I grew up on Cornwall St, above the Galbraiths and the Subway, moved to Brighton Street in 1946.  Enjoyed your tour of Govan and many good memories.  Thank you for taking the time to put this together.  The boys playing jump the air raid shelters brought back memories - I was jumping in back of Cornwall Street and missed the jump - Cracked my skull - but survived, obviously.  Before I cam to the US in 1951 I went to Lambhill St Elementary and Albert Road, and worked for Acme Wringer in the Gallowgate.  I signed on for future posts.  Bill J, Denver Colorado


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