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Mon Feb 13 12:20 am  #6

Re: My time in Govan as a wee boy.

Thankyou Jimmy, just love this forum.  Hey, I did learn that Alex patterson  one of my little friends died early eighties he was knocked down on Govan Road.  He was Johhny pattersons little brother from number 3 South croft street.  Very sad indeed!

  Is it true that they are investing in the Lyceam cinema in Govan and opening it up again? I will defffo b first in the queue (smile
I plan on visiting this week and do a tour of my old school copleland road primary - see the docks and just enjoy the feeling of Govan.  Will take some pics.  Looking forward to the stories - very interesting - wish we could turn the clock back (cry)


Tue Feb 14 7:22 am  #7

Re: My time in Govan as a wee boy.

Hello Marie,

Never lived at that end of Govan although my mother warned me about it !.
However I did attend the Boys Brigade at S.Kiarens Dean Park Parish Church for a couple of years and went to Ibrox many times to watch the Rangers. I used to walk along Govan Road from Copland Road to Govan Cross to catch the bus back to Drumoyne where I lived.

Nice to see you posting !.



Fri Feb 24 3:52 pm  #8

Re: My time in Govan as a wee boy.

Hello....I write from Ireland - I think I'll have to sit my mother down and introduce her to the wonders of the internet. She was born in Orkney St., and has never lost the accent   although she has not been back there since sometime in the thirties. She is now aged 90. My grandfather worked in the shipyards - but I have no photographs or documents. Thanks for all your hard work on the site.

P Finnegan


Wed Mar 7 7:21 pm  #9

Re: My time in Govan as a wee boy.

Hi Finno, Sorry I have not answered before this bit I have been ill and spent the last five weeks on my back in bed. I am still not 100% yet but I thought I had better have a look see how things were on here. I'm sure the thoughts of you Mother about her times in Govan would be great to hear, I hope you get her round to computers. Thanks for your post hope there will be more?

Haste ye back.
             Jimmy. (
     Thread Starter

Wed Dec 26 12:34 pm  #10

Re: My time in Govan as a wee boy.

hi jimmy i'me nicky fasullo we stayed at832 govan road  next to the connels at the corner of pearce street from 1957-66 left Scotland in 196 i now live in
Belgium went to st Anthony then to st gerards , must have school photos which i'll send on  when i find them so much to say but dont know where to start first
back soon cheers Nicky


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