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Wed Feb 2 4:17 pm  #1

Govan Shipbuilding at Fairfields....

Govan had been a burgh from 1864

Govan had been a burgh from 1864 until when it finally became part of Glasgow in 1912. Then by 1914 its fame and prosperity was established firmly on its shipbuilding and allied trades. Govan became one of the great workshops of the world. When I was young and living in Govan, it was impossible to get beyond the sound of the hammering of the riviters hammeding away building the ships of Govan. From early in the morning until late at night, we hear the continuous hammer of its shipbuilding industry". The the fortunes gradually waned and, although Sir Murray Stephen had confidently predicted in 1950 that shipbuilding would not go the same way as weaving, it did in the end. All those "Glory Days" were slowly and inexorably pushed back into our memory and lost forever.

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