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Tue Feb 22 5:33 pm  #21

Re: Govan Weavers

I think it might be this one Norrie??

Haste ye back.
             Jimmy. (

Wed Feb 23 10:10 am  #22

Re: Govan Weavers

Hi Jimmy, thats the one
There is talk of the cinema being done up, I am sure Hidden Glasgow web site posted on it
bye for now, norrie

     Thread Starter

Sat Mar 3 12:49 pm  #23

Re: Govan Weavers

Hi Jimmy, one of your photos showing a set of stairs is not from Govan, its the tenement  building in Buchleugh st Garenthill, mind you I suppose one set of stairs is like any other
Hope you are well
Bye for now, norrie

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Thu Apr 5 11:15 am  #24

Re: Govan Weavers

Hi Norrie, I'm good thank you. I hope you are well too? As to the stairs not being in govan....... I don't think it matters much really as one set of stairs up the close were more or less all the same.  (grin)

Last edited by Jimmy (Thu Apr 5 11:15 am)

Haste ye back.
             Jimmy. (

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