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Fri Oct 22 7:27 pm  #1

govan and linthouse

Hi Govanites, I have been asked by one of your members, Tombro, to post the photos of Govan and Linthouse that I have taken in the past few years and right up to last week.
I am not from Govan, north end of the city for me but I have a love of all Glasgow and have spent a fair number of years photographing all the remaining tenements and whatever took my fancy
I will be posting them on this site
I hope you find them of some interest

Bye for now, norrie


Fri Oct 22 7:33 pm  #2

Re: govan and linthouse

Hi Govanites, loads of photos of Govan taken by me in 2007.

Roseneath St / Shaw St

Roseneath St/ Shaw St, Norrie

Summerfield St/ Vicarfield St, Norrie

Uist St / Crossloan Rd, Norrie

Uist St/ Crossloan Rd, Norrie

Uist Street / Crossloan Rd, Norrie

Uist St / Crossloan Rd, Norrie

Uist St/ Langlands Rd, Norrie

Uist St/ Langlands Rd.

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Fri Oct 22 7:34 pm  #3

Re: govan and linthouse

This was taken from Govan Rd/ Golspie St

Entrance to Fairfields Shipyard, Govan Road.

Elder St, Norrie

Govan Rd/ Broomloan Rd, Norrie

Govan Rd /Elder St

Govan Rd/ Golspie St/ Howat St, Norrie

Govan Rd /Golspie St, Norrie

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Fri Oct 22 7:35 pm  #4

Re: govan and linthouse

Govan Rd/ Golspie St, Norrie

Govan Rd / Southcroft St, Norrie

Napier's St/ Govan Rd.
I have wanted to photograph this tenement for years and today was a good excuse to go and do it.
I think its an unusual building, never seen a tenement like it.
It has fallen into disrepair, how long can it go on like that.
Does anyone from Govan know anything about it, is by a famous architect?
Bye for now, Norrie
PS sorry to say that this building was demolished in 2008

This information a was suplied bt Ellan, a Govanite

Norie, thanks so much for the photos of Govan, that's where I lived until aged 11, in Pearce Street opposite the Pearce Institute. My mother was born in Golspie Street, which is in the photos(that's also where Tony Blair's father was brought up!)

About the Napier building in photo 321, I found the following information on the Sunnygovan site:-

Napier Street was named after Robert Napier, 'The Father of Clyde Shipbuilding' whose shipyard was here from 1842 to 1900.
Napier established his own shipbuilding yard at Govan and built many famous vessels including 'Leviathan', 'Persia' and 'Black Prince.'

Napier House was a lodging house for seamen whose ships were berthed on the Clyde or under repairs at the Govan Dry Docks.
William James Anderson, its architect, used an experimental design.
The building was partly steel framed using concrete without designed reinforcement.
It is of an Art Nouveau Glasgow style.
The top floor became Govan's first telephone exchange.
It was built between 1897-99.
Robert Napier was honoured by many countries except Britain, but when he died in 1876,
1400 of his workforce attended his funeral at the Parish Churchyard in Dumbarton.

Southcroft St / Govan Rd.

Former Lyceum Cinema, Govan rd/McKechnie Street

Howatt st from Govan rd.

Lueth Street / Elder Street, Norrie

Lueth Street / Elder Street, Norrie

Mural on shipyard wall, Taransay Street from Elder Street, Norrie

Taransay Street/ Elder Street, Norrie

Elder Street /Taransay Street

Mural on Shipyard wall, Taransay Street, Norrie

Mural on shipyard wall, Taransay Street / bottom of Howatt Street, Norrie

Govan Road / Rathlin Street, Norrie

Govan Road / Rathlin Street

Shaw Street / Govan Road.

Govan Road between Rathlin St and Wanlock St

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Fri Oct 22 7:36 pm  #5

Re: govan and linthouse

Lyceum Cafe, Govan Road, Norrie

Govan Road/ Harmony Row, Norrie

Burliegh Street / Harmony Row

Burleigh Street, Norrie

Brechins Bar, Burleigh Street entrance.

Pearce Street/ Govan Rd

Pearce Institute, Govan Road, Norrie

Burleigh Street / Govan Road, Norrie

Govan Road from Water Row, Norrie

Water Row/ Govan Road

Govan Road, Norrie

Roseneath Street / Langlands Road, Norrie

Langlands Road/ Roseneath Street, Norrie

Langlands Road / Harmony Row, Norrie

Langlands Road /Roseneath Street, Norrie

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