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Mon Sep 27 3:16 pm  #1

See Govan from the point of view of a bird.

Explore Govan as if you were a bird. Switch to full screen and see
Govan as you have never seen it before.

See Govan Here

Haste ye back.
             Jimmy. (

Wed Sep 29 3:16 am  #2

Re: See Govan from the point of view of a bird.

Ellen wrote:

Interesting to see Govan from that angle. Where did all the green grass and trees come from? Didn't have that when I was wee (apart from the wee park and the Elderpark - oh, and the graveyard!)
I remember my friend coming dashing out of the back of our tenement shouting excitedly that there was some grass growing there. It turned out to be moss.

Hi Ellen, I'm glad you found it interesting seeing Govan from that perspective. There is a lot of green around there now and I guess it is for the good and like yourself, the only time we saw grass was at the Elderpark or the wee swing park at the bottom of my street.
Thanks for your post!

Haste ye back.
             Jimmy. (
     Thread Starter

Wed Sep 29 3:20 am  #3

Re: See Govan from the point of view of a bird.

David wrote:

Good stuff again Jimmy !!.

Enjoyed the birds eye view of Govan. It goes all the way out to Drumoyne and of course Tinto park.

Many Thanks,


Glad you liked the birds eye view of Govan David. I found it very interesting too, looking at the Lyceum and seeing it was not solid behind the curve of its front and having a look inside Fairfields Shipyard. Nice to hear from you again. Thanks for your post!

Haste ye back.
             Jimmy. (
     Thread Starter

Sun Oct 3 3:02 pm  #4

Re: See Govan from the point of view of a bird.

Ellen wrote:

Have you noticed the Lyceum cinema at the corner of McKechnie Street and Govan Road is just a front - there is no inside to it. How sad.  It was mentioned on the Lady Govan website.

Yes Ellen I know. I used to live at 6. McKechnie Street, top flat and I could see the top of the Lyceum from my bedroom and never noticed it was more or less empty behind the façade of the building. Here is a 360% set of pictures of the Lyceum from the air.

Only because of computers can we ground based animals now see what the birds have seen for years.

Haste ye back.
             Jimmy. (
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Sun Oct 3 7:31 pm  #5

Re: See Govan from the point of view of a bird.

Ellen wrote:

Thanks for that Jimmy. I wonder what they are going to do with it. Anyone any clues?

Hi Ellen,
I searched through the grapevine to see if I could find out what was happening to the Lyceum Cinema.

One comment I read was this "Have just heard through the grapevine. (unconfirmed) that the old Lyceum Cinema is to become a Mosque. As an ex- Govanite the idea appalls me. What next. Will we all become ragheads?. I hate to be totally un PC and say . Enoch Powell was DEAD right. No doubt by sticking my head above parapet the PC lovies will crucify me but at my age I dont give a damn." Well that was right from the hip if I ever heard it!

Furthere on I found this: "Re: Cinema to star in £20,000 Govan revamp...... I was on the roof of the Lyceum today with the New owners and prospective developers, definetly wont be a Mosque or flats thats for sure."
Lyceum Cinema from the roof.

Great picture but how the heck did they get the Graffiti round the wall inside?? The mind boggles!

The good comments about the Lyceum were posted by Mori and he has a lot of posts about Govan and Glasgow at this address: Moris' Posts link HERE

More about the Lyceum Govan:

Reason for Risk/Development History:

1974: The stalls are adapted for bingo, though a 480-seat cinema is retained in the balcony. 1981: The cinema closes. 18 June 2004: The Glasgow Evening Times reports that the building remains in use as a bingo hall, though paint is peeling from the walls and the façade requires restoration. Local residents have expressed concern at the condition of the building, which is owned by County Properties and Developments of Airdrie. 6 April 2005:

The Herald reports that the cinema is to be given a face-lift as part of £20,000 Govan environmental projects.

The Glasgow Evening Times reports that Glasgow Housing Association has erected a banner of how the cinema looked in the 1940s in the hope of sparked interest in its further restoration. 15 April 2005:

The Glaswegian repeats the story. January 2006: The building still appears to be in use (extent unknown). Decision to move to ALERT database at present. November 2007: External inspection reveals the exterior paintwork to be in poor condition and showing a marked deterioration since the previous site visit. The building appears to be derelict and is believed to have been vacant since closure as a Bingo Hall in October 2006

As to the article about the Lyceum on LadyGovan site. Was this the one you meant Ellen?

This article is taken from LadyGovan and all rights belong to them. This is the link to it

Tuesday, 24 August 2010
Through A Glass Brick Darkly

So, me and the pips are having an argument about the inside of The Lyceum. She says there's nothing behind the facade.
"Yes, there is," says I.
"No there isn't, she insists. You can look down on it and it's just open ground. You can look yourself on google maps. Check the aerial view."
"No way," I say.

We are walking past it and the sun is out and shining.
"Look up there," she says, "you can see the clear air through the bricks - the see-through glass bricks."
I am looking and looking, trying to see through the screen which portrays the old Lyceum of yesteryear.
"Where? Where? I can't see that - I can't see any clear air. I'm telling you it's a cinema in there. All dark red velvet."
But then, my eye suddenly focuses on the glassy brick which clearly shows light blue air behind it.

I feel downcast and low. What happened to the cinema? Have I been walking past it all this time and it's just been a front?

comments:  Ellen said...

Oh no! Not something else disappearing. I'd like to hear any updates about this.
19 September 2010 21:06

Well that's about it people. I hope they don't tear down the Lyceum as not only would it not look like Govan any more. It would be CRIMINAL to do that!

Comment please on all members thoughts about this post.

Haste ye back.
             Jimmy. (
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