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Fri Jun 24 9:05 pm  #1

European Referendum

Back in 1975 I voted that Britain should not be joining the then Common Market. However the vote went 2 to 1 in favour of us remaining in. I felt that the EU referendum which finished yesterday was the worst political campaign I can ever remember. One side (Remain) spent the entire time scaremongering on the economy the other spent the entire time on Immigration. In the end after a tedious few months the latter got the verdict by 52% to 48% and we are to leave the EU. Scotland voted to Remain and the talk now is of another referendum. I did not vote.
The result was a surprise with the bookmakers making the Remain camp odds on to win right up to the last minute.
Immigration is an issue which I know is important to many people and it will be interesting to know how the new Prime Minister is going to fulfil the pledges after David Cameron departs.


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