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Sat May 7 6:00 pm  #1


The Elections for the Scottish Parliament on Thursday saw another resounding victory for the Scottish National Party. For the first time in decades the Conservative Party will have more seats than the Labour Party in Scotland. Labour had another poor result following on from terrible UK results last year.
Nicola Sturgeon;the SNP Leader; who represents the area in which Govan is included easily held her seat.
Nicola Sturgeon SNP 15,287 (61.4%) ; Fanha Thomas LABOUR 5,694 (22.9%); Graham Hutchison CONSERVATIVE 3,100 (12.4%); Kevin Hewsey 822 (3.3%)

The SNP on 46.5 % did not quite achieve an overall majority so have decided to rule as a minority government.
In times past there were some close political tussles in the Govan seats. Unionist (Conservative) Jack Nixon-Browne became known as the 'Master of the Recount' after holding off Labour in both the 1950 and 1951 General Elections after re-counts. In the 1955 General Election the Govan seat was split and he moved to contest Craigton.
Labour were set to challenge strongly for Govan and put a huge effort into unseating Nixon-Browne in Craigton.
Book extract:
The results of the Glasgow seats in the 1955 General Election are being announced. Glasgow Govan has once again been a two horse race. The veteran Labour Candidate and former Tradeston MP looks supremely confident. His Unionist counterpart knows the game is up from looking at the bundles of votes.

J. Rankin—Labour—24,818
Labour majority 9,602 on a 79% turnout
Tension mounts for Jack Nixon-Browne at the Glasgow Craigton count. It is very close and a re-count is requested by the Labour candidate Bruce Millan. The indications are that Nixon Browne has just about squeezed through yet again. The re-count figures are offered to the two candidates and Millan accepts defeat.

J.N.Browne– Unionist—19,120
Unionist majority 210 on a 79% turnout.
In Glasgow Labour won 8 of the seats and the Unionists 7.
Elsewhere in the country there were very few seats changing hands. Those that did change went from Labour to the Conservatives. Anthony Eden who had taken over from Sir Winston Churchill was re-elected Prime Minister for the Conservatives.

LABOUR—277 (46.4%)
LIBERALS—6 (2.7%)


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