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Mon Apr 4 10:57 am  #1

Govan and Glasgow News . . .

Govanhill flat ransack: 'First my home was evacuated,
now everything I own is destroyed

A DISTRAUGHT UN worker returned from a mission overseas to discover his home evacuated and his property ransacked.

Khalid Al-Izzi was working in the Western Sahara when his daughter-in-law sent him an Evening Times article detailing how the Govanhill property had been deemed unsafe. Still reeling from the shock, he has now returned home to find the property broken into and his belongings - including wedding gifts for his son - stolen or ruined. 
Mr Al-Izzi said: "It's beyond comprehension.

"The flat is demolished, the robbers have broken everything and my belongings are everywhere. "I don't want to say this lightly but it looks like the place has been hit by a bomb."
The Evening Times told in January how the tenement block on Annette Street was evacuated with just hours warning when cracks appeared in a supporting wall. Mr Al-Izzi, who works for the United Nations, said he was appalled to learn of the problems, having taken good care of his property.

The 55-year-old bought the flat in 2010 for £90,000 as a home for his son who was studying dentistry at Glasgow University. His son, 25, has now married and moved to Dundee with his wife, who is also a dentist. As our pictures show, vandals have kicked in the door of the flat and ransacked every room, ruining precious belongings and stealing what they can. Mr Al-Izzi, who, with his wife, is now staying with relatives, said: "You do not go back in yourself because you have been told not to and you are a law-abiding citizen. But then these robbers break in and take their time over the job because they are in no rush, they have all the time in the world.

"There's a monetary value to what they stole of about £20,000 to £25,000 but there are things that are no value to them, things that mean everything to you.

Residents slam decision to hold 'chaotic'
Summer Sessions for a fourth time

RESIDENTS have hit out at council chiefs for giving the green light to a ‘disruptive’ music festival in a city park for the fourth year in a row. The Summer Sessions in Bellahouston Park have caused chaos for residents in the past, with drunk festival-goers using nearby gardens as toilets and intimidating locals. Last year, police made 38 arrests in two days - including 10 for violent offences - as disorder erupted at festival, while the year before, more than 30 people were nabbed.

New look life gallery at Kelvingrove opens to visitors

The creation of the new Life Gallery is a two-year project. Renovations were timed to coincide with the iconic Spitfire which hangs in Kelvingrove being lowered last autumn for a routine inspection, setting in motion one of the largest exhibit changes since the building reopened in 2006.

This marks the culmination of the first phase, with the second set to take place at the end of the year. Phase two will see the completion of the gallery space, with the addition of displays relating to other areas of the world including the famed kangaroos and koalas of Australasia.

Manager of Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, Neil Ballantyne, said he was confident the visitors would agree the gallery "looks fantastic." He added: "More than that, it offers an opportunity to experience and learn about parts of the world that are far from and entirely different to Glasgow."

The redesigned gallery was made possible with the support of the independent charity Friends of Glasgow Museums, a donation from Glasgow Museums Patron's Circle and a significant public fundraising campaign. Friends of Glasgow Museums made the first donation of almost £50,000 which enabled a complete redisplay of the African section.

Chairwoman of Friends of Glasgow Museums, Liz Dent, said: "We are delighted to have been able to support the complete redisplay of the African ecozone, with our biggest donation to date.

Haste ye back.
             Jimmy. (

Tue Apr 5 7:56 pm  #2

Re: Govan and Glasgow News . . .

Alert for pet owners after chickens ‘laced with poison’
discovered in Glasgow park

Alert for pet owners over chickens ‘laced with poison’
Fresh fears have been raised over the potential poisoning of pets in Glasgow parks.

Dog walkers have been urged to be vigilant after a series of potential incidents involving chicken which may have been laced with rodent poison. In the latest incident a dog walker spotted their animal was just about to eat a piece of chicken found in Maxwell Park in Clarkston but luckily the owner had spotted the chicken was badly discoloured and ordered the pet to leave it alone. The lucky escape follows earlier reports of suspected poisoning in Queen’s Park in the city’s South Side and also reports have emerged to say it may have also happened in Linn Park.

Council trucks could steer clear of major events following
bin lorry crash

BIN lorries could steer clear of major events in Glasgow city centre as part of bolstered safety plans following the Queen Street tragedy. Glasgow City Council will also train bin truck crews on driving controls and is set to improve health screening for new drivers, as part of changes called for following a Fatal Accident Inquiry.

READ MORE: Bin lorry families granted legal aid for private prosecution Six people were killed and 17 injured when a 26-tonne council bin lorry veered out of control in a busy Glasgow city centre, on December 22, 2014.

Friends of murdered Paige Doherty are organising an event
to celebrate the teenager’s 16th birthday.

Friends of murdered Paige Doherty are organising an event to celebrate the teenager’s 16th birthday. Jayne Crawford, who is organising the event, made an appeal on Facebook for caterers to supply food for around 200 people. Paige would have been celebrating her sweet sixteen this month, and it is understood her friends are hosting an event to celebrate on behalf of the teenager’s family.

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