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Thu Jun 25 12:43 pm  #1

Govan and Glasgow Today. . . .

Probe launched following death of three infants at Yorkhill

Probe launched following death of three infants at Yorkhill

 HEART operations have been suspended at Glasgow’s new children’s hospital following the death of three infants.

An investigation has been launched after three babies with complex congenital heart conditions died after undergoing surgery at Yorkhill Hospital. NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde (NHSGGC) will carry out an internal review of paediatric cardiac services and an external review is also underway.

The deaths are believed to have occurred earlier this year at Yorkhill. All children are now treated at the new state-of-the-art hospital at the South Glasgow University Hospital following the closure of Yorkhill earlier this month. 


Terrified residents forced to jump from first-floor
window to escape fire in Shawlands

TERRIFIED residents were forced to jump from a first-floor window to escape a blaze in their tenement block. Five other people - including two young children - were rescued from the upper floors after the major blaze broke out below their homes. They were pulled from the burning building in the South Side of Glasgow by firefighters using high reach ladders. Emergency services, including police and paramedics, raced to the scene in Mannering Road, Shawlands at around 9.30pm last night and found a fire had broken out in the ground floor flat.


Outlander star Gary Lewis launches Gaelic website

At the launch, Gary was joined by Gillebride MacMillan, the celebrated Gaelic singer who plays Gwllyn the Bard in Outlander, and the Gaelic coach for the series, Àdhamh Ó Broin. Gary said: “I have connections to North Uist where my wife’s father hails from so I have enjoyed the Gaelic language for many years and have a strong interest in learning it.

"My role in Outlander has allowed me to gain my own respect for the language and the enhanced website is a great online resource which should help encourage other learners of the language.” Since it was first launched back in 2011, the LearnGaelic website has proven popular with Gaelic learners of all ages particularly the adult audience. (WARNING! - It might not be suitable for young children)




Rangers thoughts: The general consensus appeared
to be that they would see off Motherwell.

Davie Hay, Football columnist / Friday 5 June 2015. 

The general consensus appeared to be that they would see off Motherwell and be back in the SPFL before we knew it. I have to say - and I know it is a philosophy not unanimously shared among the Celtic support - that Scottish football is stronger with Rangers in the top flight.

I did think that if they were in the SPFL next season along with Hearts that the league would have been more attractive to outsiders. But I had was taken aback by just how far off the pace they clearly are of the SPFL. I would never have imagined that an aggregate 6-1 scoreline would emerge from the play-off final. And nor did I think that the scoreline flattered Motherwell either.

It shows just how big the gap is between the Ibrox side and the SPFL and had they bee successful in their bid to come up they would have required drastic surgery on the playing squad. As it is they will have another season in the Championship - and there is no guarantee that they will find it any easier to come up next term.

They have been a team that have struggled throughout this season for results and for form but to me there are clearly massive issues that need to be resolved on the park as well as off it for Rangers. it's not just that they need a change of personnel but that they very obviously need a change of mentality too.


Sportscotland to get Murray Park cash back if ground sold by Ashley

SPORTSCOTLAND have reportedly moved to guarantee they will be fully repaid if Rangers' Murray Park training ground is sold by Mike Ashley. The Sports Direct businessman gained security over the ground when he loaned the club £5m in January. Sportscotland gave Rangers oldco £650,000 towards construction of Murray Park in the 1990s. It was reported today that, should the club default on the terms of Ashley's loan, the ground would fall under joint ownership of Ashley and Sportscotland.

The government department's interest in the building will extend only to ensuring they are paid back their £650,000. Any other proceeds from the sale of Murray Park would go to repaying Sports Direct's £5m. STV reported that a document was signed on May 6 by Rangers director Paul Murray and Sportscotland chairwoman Louise Martin on May 27. Sports Direct's chief executive Dave Forsey signed on June 12, the day Rangers chairman Dave King was reportedly in London for discussions with the company over their loan to the club.

The money given to Rangers by Mike Ashley remains a point of controversy for the club, with the businessman holding security over more than their training ground. Should the board default on the £5m, Sports Direct would also inherit the club's trademarks and badges, as well as Albion Car Park and an office block at the club's stadium. The deal also ensures that 75% of all revenue from the sale of Rangers merchandise, including replica shirts, goes to Ashley's firm. What is going on here?


Out of cash? Glasgow students can now get taxi using just their matriculation card

Students without cash will now be able to get home safely in a Glasgow Taxi, just by using their matriculation card. Glasgow joins Manchester, Cardiff, Liverpool and a number of other cities from across the UK to join the Safe Taxi scheme.  Through the initiative, Glasgow Taxis Ltd will work with universities and continue to make sure the late night trip home is a safe one for students. Even if they don’t have cash or debit card on them, students will now be able to guarantee payment with their matriculation card.

Stephen Flynn, vice-chairman of Glasgow Taxis, said: “The scheme has been hugely successful in a number of other cities and we are glad to be able to make it a reality in Glasgow.

“Students are a big part of Glasgow life and we are strong supporters of the university community, through the Glasgow Taxis cup – an intervarsity sporting competition between Glasgow’s three universities – and presence at Freshers’ Fairs. “This new scheme will give both students, and our drivers, peace of mind.”

Students will be able to access a Safe Taxi by calling Glasgow Taxis and quoting a code available from the university. The student will then give the driver their student card, and repay the cost to the Students’ Union when they collect their card after one working day. The Glasgow Safe Taxi Scheme will be run by Glasgow Taxis in partnership with the University of Strathclyde Students’ Association and Glasgow Caledonian University Students’ Association.

Gary Paterson, President of the University of Strathclyde Students’ Association, said: “We are delighted to be setting up a scheme with Glasgow Taxis to ensure there is a safety net in place for students who may, for many reasons, not have enough money to get home safely. “Community safety is a big issue in this city, especially on nights out and particularly for students as we have sadly seen in recent months. This scheme won’t solve all the problems but I was keen to get it off the ground because it could be a real lifeline “

“As one of the first cross-institution safe taxi schemes in the country, I am thrilled to see this city working together to prioritise safety in our communities, whilst we hope the scheme doesn’t need to be used often, this is a safety net for unexpected emergencies.” Michael Stephenson, President of the Glasgow Caledonian University Students’ Association, added: “Glasgow is a great city with a vibrant nightlife. From time to time students get caught out and end up walking home on their own. By working with the University, University of Strathclyde Students' Union and Glasgow Taxis we hope the Safe Taxi scheme offers a safer alternative.

“Students from across the city make a valuable contribution to Glasgow and by working together we hope this builds on the partnership approach taken over the past few years in making Glasgow a safer place for everyone.”

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             Jimmy. (

Sun Jul 5 4:18 pm  #2

Re: Govan and Glasgow Today. . . .

Glasgow's youngest bin lorry tragedy survivor:
I'm playing for Scotland

Alix Stewart was injured in the bin lorry crash and has now made a full recovery.

JUST six months ago she was learning how to walk again. But now Alix Stewart is back on her feet - and tomorrow she hopes to be shooting hoops as she plays for the first time with her beloved basketball team. Alix was the youngest victim of the George Square bin lorry crash last December, which left six people dead.

She was caught underneath the out-of-control lorry and dragged along Queen Street before somehow working her way free. Left with internal organ damage, broken bones, her ear torn off and damage to her back, Alix says playing basketball again was her motivation for becoming well. And the courageous schoolgirl has defied the odds to be back with the Scotland under-15 squad for her first game this weekend.

Her dad Colin said: “Alix has been amazing - not just physically but mentally too. “She continually pushed and pushed her doctors. She was nagging the physiotherapist for permission to start running just weeks after the crash. “He gave it to her - and then minutes after we had left the hospital he called to say, ‘wait a minute, it’s far too soon’. “Alix is just not the type of girl to take no for an answer - and she’s hard to say no to.”

The Evening Times first told on December 31 last year of Alix’s involvement in the bin lorry crash that rocked Glasgow just before Christmas. Alix had been in Glasgow city centre shopping with her mum, Jacqueline, and older sister Emily, 16, before heading to the Duke of Wellington statue to meet two friends. Moments later the bin lorry careened onto the pavement, knocking over Alix’s two friends and dragging Alix away with it.



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Mon Jul 20 1:22 pm  #3

Re: Govan and Glasgow Today. . . .

Miracle Man! Pat gets the transplant he thought he'd never see

A MAN who waited nearly 20 years for a new kidney has urged other patients: “Don’t give up hope.” Pat Coll was given no odds by doctors for getting a transplant – the chances were so slim. His body registered a 100% antibody count, which meant that it was likely his body would reject the organ. Three years ago we told of Pat’s plight as he backed our Opt For Life campaign to change Scotland’s transplant laws.

Mum killed as she prepared to celebrate son's birthday

A MUM was set to celebrate her son's birthday just hours before she crushed to death by her car outside her home. Catherine Hughes, 58, was left trapped between the motor and a wall during the horror accident in Provanmill, Glasgow.  It is understood the car began to roll back and crushed Mrs Hughes, who is believed to have been washing the vehicle on Friday afternoon. The news was broken to her shocked family as they prepared to celebrate her grown-up son's birthday.

Driver of 17-tonne truck has lucky escape after a
concrete ramp COLLAPSED in city centre

The driver of a 17-tonne truck had a lucky escape after a concrete ramp collapsed in Glasgow city centre.  Sources at the scene said the incident happened when a Viridor lorry was trying to manoeuvre in Virginia Street at 7:30am this morning. The driver was able to clamber out of the cab before the Fire and Rescue service arrived. 

Kids won't get free bus travel after council widen pavement by 50cm

THE COUNCIL are planning to add an extra 50cm on to a pavement to create a safer walking route for school children. The move will mean hundreds of children may not be given free bus travel to school.

As reported in the Evening Times, SNP Councillors and parents in Maryhill had raised concerns about the section of pavement near the underpass at Sandbank Street. Requirements mean all routes must be at least 1m in width, but this section was found to be only 96cm when councillors Franny Scally and John Letford measured the area.

The review of school bus passes are expected to save the local authority around £600,000 and will be implemented at the start of the next school term on August 15. Now the local authority plan to extend the section of pavement so it is 1.5m wide, meaning it can be used by children travelling to school.

A council spokeswoman said the plans will be completed for children going back to school, and added: "The works to widen the pavement at the pinch point on Maryhill Road will start at the end of this month and completed by 7 August in plenty of time for the start of the new school term."

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