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Wed Apr 8 5:25 pm  #1

From Govan to Scotland 5 - Loch Lomond and its islands

LOCH LOMOND:  Loch Lomond SYHA hostel is a massive house between Balloch and Luss on the west side of Loch Lomond. It is set away from the loch shores and can be seen from a distance as you cycle along the road. The hostel is easily the biggest in Scotland and also one of the most popular; bookings for it are essential in the summer if a visit is planned. The hostel has a capability of providing meals for the hostellers in a dining area, the dormitories are well laid out and it has hot and cold water.  To reach the hostel you have to cycle up a drive to the entrance.  Robbie says. ‘I do not usually stop at Loch Lomond, I prefer Inverbeg’. Youth hostelling is about sampling how to survive with the minimum and not being pampered !  It is also near the tourist trail of Balloch and Luss where you can go anytime. It is better to go to the smaller and less known hostels.’
A fascination for many tourists visiting Loch Lomond is the number of islands at the south end of the Loch.
Inchcaillich is nearest to the shore near Balmaha. It is described as looking like a fat man lying on his back in the water. It is a thickly wooded island and rises steeply at the eastern side. It is the burial ground of the Mc Gregors (Rob Roy is buried at Balquidder). There was once a Nunnery there founded by St. Kentigern.
Little Crarinch is just to the south of Inchcaillich and gave the war cry to the Buchanan’s. As the Maid of the Loch and other steamers pass through they provide a smashing view of both islands.
Torioch is almost joined to Inchcaillich and has the same features of steep hills and very wooded.
Creinch is the next in line and the three islands of Torioch, Creinch and Inchcaillich form a conic ridge which slopes down into the loch.
Inchmurrin is the biggest island in the loch and nearest to Balloch. It is inhabited and has several houses. To the southern end of the island is the ruins of Lennox Castle.
Along the road between Balloch and Luss there is a whole cluster of islands.
Inchgalbraith is nearest the shore and just beyond is:
Inchmoan:  a small peat island and low lying in the loch.
Inch Tavanannach is a large island with high spots and heavily wooded. There was once a Monastry on this one mile long island where St.Kessog resided. It is sometimes referred to as ‘Monks Island’.
Inchconnachan is another large island and well wooded just beyond Inch Tavanannach.
Inchlonig  is another big island, very green and wooded, which can be seen from Luss Pier. It is said Robert the Bruce had Yew Trees planted to provide wood to make bows for his archers.
Fraoch Eilean is a small island near Luss. It is said that when the wives got too argumentative with their husbands they were put on the island for a few days to calm things down.
In total there are around 30 small islands on Loch Lomond.



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Re: From Govan to Scotland 5 - Loch Lomond and its islands

A link to the youth hostel mentioned in the above post.

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