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Mon Mar 16 10:12 pm  #1

General Election

The UK goes to the polls in less than two months time and a very close run thing is predicted between the two major parties Labour and Tory. Both are currently neck and neck in the opinion polls. In Scotland the opinion polls are predicting huge losses for the Labour party with the Scottish National Party likely to be the beneficiary. the SNP Leader is Nicola Sturgeon who represents Govan in the Scottish Parliament.
Govan has had a few close elections in the past including 1951 when the Unionist Candidate was defending a slim majority from his Labour Opponent.
Book Extract:
Election day arrives with Jack Nixon Browne still confident. The polls open and a large turnout of voters cast their votes. At the conclusion of voting the count starts and indications are that the voting for Glasgow and Govan in particular will be close. Jack Davis of the Labour Partyis also confident that he could win. During the pre-election period the Labour Party has persuaded the Communist Party candidate to stand down and this should cancel out the Liberal voters who will probably switch to the Unionists.
The Govan count goes on and on. A re-count is ordered. At the Shieldhall Road shops a number of people are gathered waiting for the Evening Times to arrive with the result. The radio has announced that the Govan result is a re-count requested by the Labour candidate; the indications are that Jack Nixon Browne has once again won the seat on a wafer thin majority. The result is confirmed. In Glasgow no seats change hands and Labour win 8 and the Unionists 7. Labour obtain a quarter of a million more votes than the Conservative and Unionist Candidates combined and over 48% of the total votes cast. However the addition of the Independent Liberals plus the official Liberals mean that Clement Atlee’s Government has been defeated and Winston Churchill is the new Prime Minister.
JACK DAVIES (LABOUR) 20,695 ( 49.71%)
LABOUR 48.8% 295 seats
321 seats
LIBERAL 3% 6 seatsDavid Posts: 614Joined: Sat Jun 25, 2011 2:02 pm

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Mon May 4 2:31 pm  #2

Re: General Election

Well the General Election in the UK is but a few days away. Although the actual campaign has been pretty boring the results should be exciting. Labour and Conservative have been neck and neck since early January and nothing much has changed. The Scottish Nationalists seem set for a memorable result at the expense of Labour.
In my book (A Time in Govan) I described the first decent result for the Nationalists when a by election was held in Glasgow Bridgeton in the early 1960's. Mr.Park who is referred to was a school teacher at Drumoyne School and stood in elections for the Independent Labour Party.
Book Extract:
Unionist candidate Malcolm McNeil focussed his election campaign on housing, saying that the Labour run Glasgow Corporation had not taken up its allowance to enable more properties to be built for private rent. He managed to get the use of a grey pony called ‘Lady’ pulling a Hackney Carriage to take Unionist voters from their tenement homes to the polling booth.
A Scottish Nationalist candidate Iain McDonald entered the election with a plea to get one Nationalist MP in Westminster. ’ The Nationalists would stop the drain of jobs to England. We would stop the takeover by the English of Scottish firms with a view to closing them down. A Scottish Government would guarantee a job for everyone in Scotland !’. Mr. McDonald held meetings outside many of the local factories.
The Independent Labour Party candidate George Stone (like William Park at Glasgow Kelvingrove) was well received wherever he went and the small party were popular. He says ‘I am a Jimmy Maxton man and if Jimmy was alive today he would be telling you to vote for me’. However, Mr. Stone knew from the outset he was fighting the Nationalist Candidate for third place. His slogan was ‘Kill the birds with one Stone !!’.
The Labour Candidate James Bennett kept up a strong campaign assisted by 30 helpers chapping doors all round Bridgeton. Bread and butter politics seemed to be pushing him towards victory.
On a poor turnout of 41.9 % Labour ran out easy winners as expected.
James Bennett—Labour 10,930
Malcolm McNeil—Unionist- 3,935
Iain McDonald—Scottish Nationalist— 3,549
George Stone—586
The result saw the Scot Nats almost beat the Unionists and the by election saw them for the first time as a credible force in Scottish politics.

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Fri May 8 3:03 pm  #3

Re: General Election

The General Election has produced a Conservative majority which looks as though it will keep them in power for the full 5 year term Parliament. In Scotland it was triumph for the Scottish National Party who captured all but three of the seats north of the Border. The SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon performed well during all the debates and was probably the star of a very dull election. Nicola is the MSP for Govan. 

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