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Sat Feb 21 7:38 pm  #1

From Govan to Scotland 3 - The road to Teignabruich

The eagerly awaited youth hostelling holiday duly arrived and Robbie and Derek set off from West Drumoyne on their bikes. The first day was going to be tough. The trip involved a reasonably easy run along the River Clyde past Renfrew Airport, Langbank, Greenock to Gourock. Then a ferry trip across the Firth of Clyde to Dunoon. The first hostel on the list was Teignabruich and neither of the two cyclists expected such a steep climb out of Dunoon heading over the hills to Loch Fyne. Essentially, there were three hills and the road which followed Glen Lean If the first hill was tough and it involved walking up several sections then the second was even higher and every bit as hard. However, both the first two hills proved to be a prelude to the third; one of the toughest hills either had ever encountered. The ride downhill to Loch Fyne saw a long free wheel and speeds probably in excess of 30 miles per hour. The trip along the Loch Fyne shoreline heading south was flat and a welcome relief from what had gone before.
TEIGHNABRUICH: The village is reached much easier by ship than road and sits at the end of the finger that divides Loch Fyne from the Kyles of Bute. The Youth Hostel was in a large house and had a bit of quality about it. It was located at the upper part of the village and walking downhill an excellent view was had of the Kyle of Bute. Robbie was a keen reader of the Para Handy Books and envisaged the Puffer  boat the ‘Vital Spark’. However, this particular boat was not sighted but a sizable collection of others from yachts to steamers made good viewing from Robbie’s telescope. The village gave the impression of being very isolated at the end of the peninsula but very picturesque.


Sun Mar 1 7:27 pm  #2

Re: From Govan to Scotland 3 - The road to Teignabruich

A short film on the Glen Lean road.

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