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Mon Sep 2 6:30 pm  #1

Govan NEWS.....

Horror knife attack on man
The attacker pounced as the victim was walking along Kilmaurs Road in Govan at 5.15pm on Saturday. Police said he engaged the 21-year old in conversation ...
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Rude and inappropriate approach to immigration Herald Scotland
... one that also found painful expression in the posters recently displayed in Home Office premises in Govan encouraging asylum seekers to go home. Loading ...
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The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow Uni: Govan by-election ... G Laird
Govan by-election: Glasgow SNP want an independence study to be kept hidden from the public so people don't know facts before they vote in Glasgow council ...
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Man dies after crashing car into bus in Govan Scotland on Sunday

The 24-year-old appeared to drive across the carriageway before hitting a double decker which was waiting at traffic lights. The man was behind the wheel of a ...
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Horror as kids smash up Glasgow cemetery

Historic headstones were knocked over and a 100-year-old stone fence smashed, leaving the cemetery at Govan Old Parish Church needing repairs costing ...
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Haste ye back.
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Fri Jan 31 4:59 pm  #2

Re: Govan NEWS.....

Govan Built Container Ship Scrapped

It seems like only yesterday she was launched at Govan Shipbuilders on the River Clyde, but is a wake-up call that pretty soon many more of the last era of commercial shipbuilding on the Upper Clyde will remind us, sadly, of just how much shipbuilding work flourished at this yard until relatively recently.

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Haste ye back.
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