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Sat Jul 10 11:52 pm  #1

A walk to Ibrox to watch the match Between Rangers & Celtic 2010

I'm Going to Ibrox to watch the match today.
Come with me for a walk.

Left onto Govan Road.

Past the Brechins on the right, (Great Pub, the wife and me got sloshed in there more than once. Debbie was so drunk she nearly got me arrested by being silly!) The Pearch Institute to our left where I used to go to Sunday School.

We pass the BlackMan as we kids used to call it. It's really the statue of Sir William Pearce but known locally as the 'Black Man'

This was taken from somewhere (can't remember, sorry if I pinched your text whoever it was...)

The Black Man of Govan

Ah sweer ah saw the "Black Man" nod
As ah went stagg'rin'by
Sae up a look't, an thocht it odd
An'curs'd him wi' a sigh.

An'a' at ance ah heard a soond
An'thocht, he's talkin' noo,
An'shoutit back, as ah turn'd roond
"Git stuff'd fur a'm no fu'!

At Orkney street ah telt ma tale
Tae men that canne laugh,
The serjeant widnae gie me bail
Nor the Bailie let me aff.

We go on past Govan Cross Shopping Centre on our right and Water Row on our left.

Water Row has changed a lot since I was a wee boy. The vehicle ferry was at the end on Water Row but sadly gone today. I think it was better crossing the Clyde by ferry rather than the filthy 2nd Clyde Tunnel up past the Elder Park. (GRING BACK THE FERRIES)

As we go along Govan Road we can see in the distance where the Plaza used to be where all us Govan kids went on a Saturday for the matinees with Flash Gordon saving the Earth.

On passing Govan Subway

my mind drifts back to when we used to go on the subway just for fun or to go over to the Kelvin Hall Art Gallery.  I got a certificate from there once for my painting of the last tram from Glasgow, got a Highly Commended one. I still have the painting I did somewhere. I'll post it someday when I get a chance.  Ok past the subway and on we go.

We come to the junction with Govan Road and Golspie Street even here it has changed from when I was a boy, where have all the buildings gone, if I didn't know!

Past where the Plaza used to be and on up to Broomloan Road

turn right at LLoyds Bank into Broomloan Road.

Keep walking along towards Broomloan Road School we pass Orkney Place on the left with its Red Sandstone buildings still in place.

Then on the left is Broomloan Road School.

I look up at the School Buildings today looking so drab and disfunctional. Sad sight when lots of Govan kids started their secondry schooling here if they didn't make Govan High.

Along Broonloan Road past the highrise flats.

Heading on up to Ibrox for the big match between Rangers and Celtic for the Scottish Cup in 2010.

At least some of the old buildings still remain.

Nearly there now, Ibrox is only around the corner. There it is on the left.

Passing Ibrox Business Park to our left

we have to keep going along the road to Edmiston Drive and the front of Ibrox Park.

We turn left at the roundabout along Edminston Drive to the front of Ibrox Football Park.

And here we are at the main stand front.

We carry on along to the main entrance.

Now for the match.

Click this link to see the Highlights of the match.

Hope you enjoyed the walk?

Haste ye back.
             Jimmy. (

Sun Jul 11 4:00 pm  #2

Re: A walk to Ibrox to watch the match Between Rangers & Celtic 2010

Hi Charlie, I too went to Broomloan Road school for about a month before I transferred to Braidfield Senior Secondry in Clydebank. Had to change as my Mother was looking after my Granny's house on Hood Street while she was in Australia visiting. She was to be there six months so we moved here for the time she was there. When we returned to Govan I had to get the ferry at the bottom of McKechnie Street (other side of the swing park)

Get the ferry accross to Partick, Up Medowside Street I think?
Then when I got to Partick I had to get a train from Partick Hill Station.

Then on the train to Clydebank Station.

Then from the station I had to walk all the way up Kilbowie Road to school.

Over the Canal Bridge and a long walk up the road for a school boy. To Montrose Street along that to a small walkway through to York Street then Vangaurd Street up hill all the way.

Another walkway through to Hood Street. Hood Street was wher my Granny used to live and where we stayed when she was in Australia. Then turn right up Queen Mary Avenue up hill again to Braidfield School on the left at the top of the hill. Phew! What a morning and then do it all again in reverse after school.

I think I should do a walk of this on the forum. What do you think?? 

Haste ye back.
             Jimmy. (
     Thread Starter

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