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Sun Jul 14 12:34 pm  #1

Today's Govan NEWS.

Yes David it looks that way. There must be a solution in there somewhere?
Anyway here is some more Govan News Today:

New Govan Stones on display in Glasgow
The new display of 31 Govan Stones at Govan Old Church, Glasgow, was launched by Deputy 
First Minister Nicola Sturgeon. Her arrival by boat also marked the start of a month-long, 
free ferry service between Govan and the Riverside Museum across the ...
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Celebrated collection of medieval Govan ... - Historic Scotland

Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon today visited Govan Old Church to open a new display 
of the Govan Stones; one of Scotland's best collections of early ...
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Latest Rangers Rumours

Oh dear another bloody nose for the Rangers haters. It appears the ASA advertising 
standards agency in reply to a totally objective enquiry from some supporters from the 
posterior end of Glasgow have ruled in favour of 54 and counting. Rangers then Rangers now 
Rangers forever.
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Rangers NEWS
Read all the football news about The Glasgow Rangers. Or should it ne The Govan Rangers??
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 Meet the toughest rugby team in Britain who got together for a TV show

... at least 10 of the 27-strong squad from Glasgow have been victims of knife attacks, with one stabbed 18 times. Most are from Possil but others come from Springburn, Maryhill, Dennistoun, Govan and Royston – some of the most deprived areas in the UK.
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Haste ye back.
             Jimmy. (

Mon Jul 15 6:14 pm  #2

Re: Today's Govan NEWS.

Nicky Law tips Lewis Macleod to be Rangers mainstay

NEW Rangers star Nicky Law has tipped midfield comrade Lewis Macleod to become a mainstay of the Light Blues' title challenge this term. 
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Celtic boss Neil Lennon has selection dilemma

NEIL LENNON faces some very big decisions before Wednesday's opening Champions League qualifier against Cliftonville.
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Bouncebackability is key to Clark's rise to Ibrox prominence

Big things are expected from Clark after he netted 41 goals in Second Division last term
But when it comes from the half of the Old Firm you have set your heart on making it with, it is enough to break any fledgling career beyond repair.
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Haste ye back.
             Jimmy. (
     Thread Starter

Tue Jul 16 10:52 am  #3

Re: Today's Govan NEWS.

City potholes take £15k toll of company's vehicles

Some of Glasgow's busiest roads including Govan, Hardgate and Byres were named. Top of the list was Hardgate Road, which runs parallel to the Southern General Hospital. Drivers described it the "worst road by far," describing potholes more than five ...
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Hydro nearing completion

PIECE by piece, Glasgow's £125million entertainment venue on the banks of the Clyde is nearing completion.
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Celtic's storm before the calm

Pat Bonner played for Celtic against Cliftonville
It is the first step on a long journey Celtic hope will culminate with them enveloped once again within the riches of the Champions League group stage. 
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Haste ye back.
             Jimmy. (
     Thread Starter

Wed Jul 17 1:34 pm  #4

Re: Today's Govan NEWS.

​The British Post Office Incompetence
The British Post Office has recently confessed that faulty software has wrongly prosecuted its employees for theft and even forced some of those to pay back what they didn’t steal. Over 100 employees confirm that they were wrongly prosecuted or made to repay money after PCs made non-existent shortfalls – as a result, some of the staff have lost their homes and others were jailed – all because of the software cock-up.

In response, the Post Office explained that according to an internal report, its system was effective, but better training and support was still needed. However, that’s not what independent investigators said after taking a look at the software. The experts said that despite the fact there was no evidence of systemic problems with the core software, it still had bugs. For example, one of those bugs led to shortfalls of up to £9,000 at 76 branches – fortunately, the Post Office later made good those losses, so the sub-postmasters weren’t held responsible.

At the same time, in other cases the problem has mostly been with sub-postmasters running the smaller post offices in the United Kingdom and not directly employed by the Post Office. Those had to balance their books through the Post Office’s Horizon computer system that processes all transactions. It has been for years that sub-postmasters claimed they have been wrongly accused of theft after their PCs notified them of shortages up to thousands of pounds.

Thus, the postmasters had to pay up the missing amounts, lost their contracts and even went to jail. The experts explained that the Post Office’s initial investigation couldn’t at first identify the root cause of the trouble, saying that more help should have been given to sub-postmasters having no way to defend themselves. At the moment, some of the postmasters are thinking of suing.

Haste ye back.
             Jimmy. (
     Thread Starter

Wed Jul 17 3:19 pm  #5

Re: Today's Govan NEWS.

Good article Jimmy and pretty topical with the forthcoming Privatisation of the Post Office.
I like our local village post office. It has a convenience shop attached and I use it as often as possible in preference to the Tesco local store which opened some years back.
Going back around 15 years we used to get a morning and mid day delivery where we live and a reasonably low priced stamp. Now we get one delivery a day around lunch time and the price has soared.
The story you highlighted is terrible. It must be hard enough making a living from the Post Office let alone paying out for computer mistakes. They should be all compensated for the agro caused but that is unlikely.
The powers that be are only interested in the big boys; little interest in the smaller business's as we probably know only too well.



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