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Tue May 28 3:54 pm  #6

Re: Govan's NEWS Today.......

Ferry bad news as historic river link is axed on Clyde

THE Govan Ferry has been axed less than two years after it was 
relaunched in a blaze of publicity.
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Nothing will compare with the Old Govan Ferries.
They were easy to get onto and off or and best of all they were FREE.[/b[
[b]So what do they think they were doing charging £3.00 a trip?
No wonder they are closing dow. Robbin' %$&£*&. Bring Back our old
ferries like:
Our Govan Ferry.[/b]

"They too Ma boat away!"
A wee grey boat goes too and fro 
across the clyde each day.
It takes the men who build the ships,
back hame the only way.

Each Morn they walk doon tay the clyde,
'n' get the ferry oor, they hear the thud of 
engine steel, 'n' smoke comes billowing ower.

We see the boat so dirty noo,
with scars across her hull, from
taking men across the clyde,
to the sound of a screaming Gull.

Ma mammy takes me doon sometime, 
doon the water side, to let me ride upon 
that boat that skims across the clyde.

This Govan ferry workin hard from 
where it used tay bide, lies sad and lost 
no more to sail, no more to sail the clyde.

They took our ferries away from us,
thoes men in dark grey suits, 
no more to see the children smile 
and hear our ferries hoot.

To smell the steam from its funnel spout 
and its dirty grey scared skin, I miss ma 
ferry across the clyde, I miss her comin' in.

Comin' in tay the widden dock, beside the 
wee swing park, where I used to play once 
as a child all day until the dark.

I feel so sad our ferries gone,
it seems weve lost or way,
they stopped ma ferry across the clyde 
they took ma boat away.

By: Jimmy Strang 18th July 2010
See more about the Govan ferries here at:MyGovan's Govan Ferries

Haste ye back.
             Jimmy. (

Sat Jun 1 10:37 am  #7

Re: Govan's NEWS Today.......

PC admits stealing drugs and cash from police station in Glasgow

Dean Burnett, 42, said he "completely flipped" when interviewed about the items taken from the production store at Govan police station in Helen Street, Glasgow, where he worked as a constable. He has admitted stealing £205,279 in cash as well as ...
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[Heritage Case Study: Historic Govan]

Between 2007 and 2009, Professor Driscoll was commissioned by Historic Scotland to evaluate the archaeological and architectural heritage of Govan as part of the government’s Burgh Survey programme.
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Two men have been found guilty of killing a talented Scots piper in an English village. On Friday, Luke Elliott, 22, was found guilty of murdering Craig Hepburn and his friend Anthony Driver was found guilty of manslaughter.
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Haste ye back.
             Jimmy. (
     Thread Starter

Mon Jun 3 1:21 am  #8

Re: Govan's NEWS Today.......

Rangers teenager Lewis MacLeod not concerned by arrival of midfield rival ...
LEWIS MACLEOD'S dream debut season at Rangers proved he isn't easily fazed. So the prospect of new faces such as midfield ace Nicky Law arriving in Govan over the summer doesn't worry the 18-year-old. Macleod – who made 26 appearances for Gers ...
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Officer 'stole drugs from station'
At the time he was a Strathclyde police constable at Govan police station, in Helen Street, in Glasgow. Allegations that he stole other drugs and sex toys were deleted, but he has denied further charges of being concerned in the supply of cocaine and ...
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Haste ye back.
             Jimmy. (
     Thread Starter

Mon Jun 3 8:22 pm  #9

Re: Govan's NEWS Today.......

Good article on the Govan Ferry Jimmy and great pictures from Yester-year. I must admit it is sad to see the end of the new Govan Ferry.  However it could have been presented better. I went to the berth and it did not seem clear where it actually went. It would have been more helpful if someone from the boat would come up and explain. If it was £3 just to cross the river then that is a lot of money for such a short distance.  A better idea would have been to make it a semi-ferry; semi tourist situation where they took you down the Clyde and got someone to point out the land marks. That is what they do in most other cities.
They should review it and see if they can offer something that might appeal to folk.



Tue Jun 4 10:19 am  #10

Re: Govan's NEWS Today.......

Hi David, Thanks for your comments. Yes it is sad about the ferry and I am sure if they had ran it the same way the old ferries were run there would have been more passengers and a lot more use of the ferry. I too went to try and get the ferry accross to the Partick side and like yourself. I couldn't make the trip because of the lack of information. The old ferries used to come across from whatever side they were on if they saw someone standing at the ferry dock to pick them up.

As a wee boy I used the ferry every day (beleave it or not) to go to school in Clydebank. I would get up quite early, leave the house at 6 McKechnie street, cross the ferry, walk up to Partick Hill train station, get the train to Clydebank, walk up from the train station all the way up to North Drumry. I would walk up along Kilbowie Road to Montrose Street up the stairs along side the Kilbowie Cemetery, up past Vanguard Street, the Hood Street to Queen Mary Avenue to my school, Braidfield. Then after school the return trip back to Govan once again.

Here are some of the pictures I would see on my way to school each day!


Haste ye back.
             Jimmy. (
     Thread Starter

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