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Wed Jan 11 8:50 am  #1

Govan Railway Station

Interested to find out that Govan once had its own railway station. It does of course still have the subway. A long time ago of course.

Also it appears in times past there was a connection somewhere between Cardonald and Govan with rail.
Used to go on the train at Cardonald on day trips to Gourock; always a nice run along the River Clyde.
Gourock's open air swimming pool was an attraction and it is still there. A bit cold if I remember correctly.



Sat Sep 14 3:45 pm  #2

Re: Govan Railway Station

Hi David.The goods yard was up at the Plaza behind all the bill boards.During the war we where all taken from there to Lanark when we evacuated all with gas mask over our shoulders.
tatty bye


Sun Sep 15 8:21 pm  #3

Re: Govan Railway Station

Hi Baldybane,

Remember the wee train going across Govan Road into Harland and Wolff's with materials for the yard.
The Plaza was a good cinema but I think most folk thought the Lyceum was best.
Was not aware that Govan had its own main line railway station sometime before then which I guess was about where you departed to Lanark from.



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Thu Apr 2 1:45 am  #4

Re: Govan Railway Station

Guvinboay. When I was a wee wean in glorious guvin I remember that the steel plate was mover on a rail cart by a massive Clydesdale. I also remember the funny wee train that went through the streets of Govan.
I ended up working as a "Jiner" in Farfields and as a teacher of oriental languages in Melbourne Aus.
Funny world int'it


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